Given the vicinity and the recent centuries bonds with Turin, the Lanzo Valleys offer tourists the opportunity to reach the territory by railroad, plane and public transportation. The railroad also reaches Caselle “Sandro Pertini” International Airport where all types vehicles may be rented.

People wishing to live the territory in a more sustainable way, must know that each valley entrance has a railroad station from where to continue by bus as to reach the valley’s head. In this case the tourist must be conscious that, even for short distances, the trip could take more than the expected time! Nevertheless, with a bit of fantasy, it is possible to live again experiences from the valleys tourism dawn. At the time, this railroad was one of the most important ones and, from the local stations, the trip continued by “omnibus”, the first motor coaches replacing the ancient stagecoaches. So far, fortunately, the natural landscape has not yet been distorted.


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