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Sport estivi - profilo

From spring to middle October, besides walking and discovering the valley’s nature, other sports are available in altitude territories subject to snowfall.

Forest trails and mule tracks become good itineraries for mountain bike lovers, provided they are experienced if not excellent bikers. Elevation gains and grades are, at times, demanding and require to help pushing with a foot on the ground. Nevertheless, perseverance will reward you with breathtaking panoramas.

You will also live unforgettable emotions by gliding thermal currents in the sky by paraglide or hang-glider. The most skilled gliders, willing to labor back carrying their equipment and, in late spring, also using ski, will have a chance to take off for never to be forgotten flights from the highest valleys summits such as Croce Rossa and Uja di Ciamarella. The less daring gliders will find easier starting points and, if helped by the right currents, will have a chance to gain altitude and reach the mountain summits. It will also be possible to have a “first time” experience by tandem flying with the instructor.

In Viù, families will find a site where mountain and sea sports meet. A swimming pool with beach, climbing walls and Adventure Park with various difficulty itineraries guarantee entertainment.

Acrobatic and ecodynamic itineraries will be perfect body training and help in balance development, while archery will make you feel as a hunter in the woods.

Descending by kayak along Stura di Lanzo and Stura della Val Grande, you will fully immerse in the environment. You will need to stimulate your fantasy so as to prevail on nature elements: the clearest waters alternate rapids to peaceful stream stretch.

The Lanzo Valleys are ideal to discover tourism of quality and of small numbers as, so far, it is a little known Piedmont nature site.

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