Vallone di Sea Climbing

Arrampicata Vallone di Sea - profilo

“When you enter the valley, walking along a small cobblestone path, you experience unique, incomprehensible and captivating feelings, such as only what is beyond human world may suggest. The granite walls looks as a giant’s work. Mirrors that endured the terrific dragon impact. In the afternoon, light spades hit the black granite, showing its true flamboyant essence.” Gian Carlo Grassi.


Suggested period
May - October.
Starting point
Forno Alpi Graie
Elevation gain
+ 300 m maximum
Travel time
1.20 hrs maximum
Trail indication
EPT 308

Recommended for

  • Mountaineers
  • Climbing


From Forno Alpi Graie, overtake the Torrente Gura concrete bridge and follow the dirt road where, on the right, the service waterworks road steeply climbs up. Park the car in the road widening, without hampering the way.


Follow the road to the end, reaching the location “Porte di Sea”. Proceed on the trail marked by indication 308, which climbs in the striking Sea valley. You will find, as you climb, the various climbing areas indicated either to the left or to the right.

The Sea rock is a smoothed by ancient glaciation gray gneiss. It presents either wide or isolated and “towering” structures, developing from 60 to 300 meters. The routes mythological names bear witness to the spirit and philosophy of the first climbers. In the first half of 1980s, a group of them, still searching for climbing as expression of freedom, found in this valley virgin ground. Through years of methodical expeditions, they created a climbing park, unknown to most and out of fashion circuits, which brought again honor to these valleys.

Even today, Vallone di Sea is a hidden jewel, surrounded by wild nature and characterized by its walls lights and shadows, for climbing experts.

Up to this day, at least 170 high difficulty routes are numbered where cracks of all sizes, smooth, roof and chimney slabs are present.

We are going to describe, hereafter, two areas of Vallone di Sea, leaving exploration of the others to your initiative.



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