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Trekking experiences, that is a few days tours, is a sport for well trained people and it is particularly true for the Lanzo Valleys as for almost all the Piedmont valleys, due to their geographical position and structure: deep and recessed valley floors and considerable elevation gains.

The exception being Val Grande and Val d’Ala Sentieri Balcone, they run, without particular elevation gains, the left orographic side of the each valley. In this case, the lack of overnight structures along the trail requires a descent to the valley bottom villages for resting stops.

The “historical” trekking crossing the Lanzo Valleys is the GTA (Grande Traversata delle Alpi). Coming from Susa, it enters the Val di Viù through the Croce di Ferro Pass, descends to Malciaussia Lake and Usseglio, and climbs again to Col Paschiet end down to Balme in Val d’Ala. Once reached the Molera hamlet, it climbs to Col Trione so as to descend along the Trione lateral valley and reach Migliere in Val Grande.  From here the trail reaches Colle della Crocetta at 2641 m and leaves the Lanzo Valleys to enter the Valle Orco.

The Bessanese’s Tour has lately sparked hikers’ interest. It is a magnificent loop itinerary across the Italy/France borderline, around one of the massif, Bessanese, icon of the Lanzo Valleys. The overnight stops are expected at Rifugio Gastaldi and Rifugio Cibrario in Italy and at Refuge d’Averole in France. This trekking is for trained and skilled hikers.

The 3 R Trekking (Three Refuges Trekking) is less known and frequented. It reaches Baita S. Giacomo, Rifugio Salvin and Rifugio Peretti Griva (closed at present) in Valle Tesso.

The Lanzo Valleys are also ideal to plan and realize personal enthusiastic hikes. Bivouacs and refuges in altitude, structures in the valley floor or at mid mountain may be taken advantage of.  Should this be the case, there is no limit to the most interested and daring trekkers’ fantasy and desire to discover the most hidden spots in the Lanzo Valleys.

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