Balme - Rifugio Ciriè Balme Trek Tour 1st day

Balme Trek Tour 1 - profilo

Very interesting outing on rarely visited trails overlooking the picturesque Pian dell Mussa. It also coincides with the first stage of Balme Trek Tour, a two days ring trekking at Val d’Ala’s head. The itinerary develops on the shady valley’s side and, after a climb to Pian Gioè, it runs at mid slope, crosses Colle del Tovo to descend to Pian della Mussa and Rifugio Ciriè. You may stop here overnight in case of the two days trekking.


Suggested period
Mid June – end of September. Due to the orientation, snowfields may be found at the beginning of the season.
Starting point
Elevation gain
+ 900 m; - 500 m
Travel time
6 hrs
Trail indication

Recommended for

  • Skilled hikers


Reach Balme village and park the car in the main square.


Starting from the square, follow the county road until you meet the direction boards on your left and                  enter the small trail. Having crossed the Gorgia bridge, you reach and follow, toward your left, a dirt     road for a very short time until you find, on your right, a trail entering a conifer wood.  Do not follow the Pian Sarasin indication and proceed to Alpe Arbosetta. You now take a mule track, limited by stone walls, on your right and climb the bottom of a small valley until you see the Comba huts.You reach them by crossing some wide pastures. Behind the huts, on the left, follow the trail that enters an alder wood and after several curves you will reach the wide Pian Gioè basin. Keep to your right and climb the wide grasslands that lead to the little pass on the right side of Gran Roccia. From this point follow the descending track leading to Alpe Fontana. Without loosing altitude, cross a wild small valley in the Colle del Tovo direction. Once you have reached the pass, descend to Pian Saulera. Overtake the same name huts, take the trail that climbs to Colle Sud del Tovetto. A short descent will take you to Pian Turale, which you will cross completely westwards to arrive at a small pass just in front of the majestic Canale d’Arnas. Just before you reach the couloir base, turn to your right (N) and descend towards Pian della Mussa. First you will arrive at Alpe Venoni and then, turning to your left, you will go towards Rocca Venoni, cross the Stura bridge and climb back to Rifugio Ciriè.


“Escursionismo per tutti” di Roberto Bergamino e Umbro Tessiore Ed. Arti Grafiche San Rocco


Alte Valli di Lanzo – carta n° 17 L’Escursionista & Monti editori; Valli di Lanzo – carta dei sentieri 3 Val d’Ala e Val Grande

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