Winter sports

Sport invernali - profilo

After the outburst of autumn colors, winter brings along the snow and the landscape becomes white and still.

The valleys offer small resorts where the tourist does not impact the surrounding nature and where he may enjoy the vacation according to personal rhythm.

You will find alpine ski runs ideal for families and school classes, adults and children, ski and snowboard lovers and, finally, a baby snow park for children under 12 years of age complete of sport and recreational amenities.

  • Pian Benot at Usseglio
  • Karfen at Ala di Stura
  • Pakinò at Balme
  • Yeti Village at Colle del Lys

Furthermore, there are ice skating rinks that open at night when it is also possible to organize “broomball” matches.  Recently it is possibile to play curling, a game of Scottish origin where stones slide on the ice.

  • La Giasseri at Ala di Stura
  • Patinoire at Balme
  • Patinoire at Usseglio
  • Patinoire at Val Grande

Entering woods and valleys with cross country ski or snowshoes will thrill all people wanting to live the great silences. These people will reach plateaus at the base of the main Lanzo Valley summits and will find mountain huts offering rest and refreshments.

  • Balme – Pian della Mussa ski run at Balme
  • Ski run at Usseglio
  • Groscavallo – Chialamberto ski run in Val Grande

Every year the high alpine valleys, rich in waterfalls, become, thanks to the seasonal cold temperatures, iced crystal gardens for ice climbing lovers. You will have an opportunity to climb some of the most difficult waterfalls in Piedmont discovered in the ‘80s by Gian Carlo Grassi and companions.

Ski mountaineers will, at first, when the snow is cold and powdery, take daily trips to various summits. Later on in spring, when the snow will have set, they may follow longer itineraries such as around Bessanese and Ciamarella, which nothing have to lose if compared with well known classic “haute routes”.

Come and discover all of our snow emotions.

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