Ski mountaineering: Cornetti – Paschiet left Orographic Side and Servin Area

Scialpinismo Cornetti Paschiet Servin - profilo

Just before Balme, a valley characterized by a wide amphitheater, dominated by the watershed crest of Arnas, opens on the right while, on the side, the Paschiet valley is hidden.  Usually, starting from February, it is possible to take very interesting and well-structured outings on this little known territory. A good knowledge of snow is required. The skiers, given the slopes orientation, could often find powder snow.


Suggested period
February – April
Starting point
Elevation gain
From 1250 to 1550 m
From BS to OS (good skiers – excellent skiers)

Recommended for

  • Ski mountaineering


Having overcome Chialambertetto hamlet, follow the county road for about 1 km then, when you reach the hollow where Balme is situated, turn left at the second bridge (Frè direction).  Follow the road up to the small parking area where the road ends during winter.


Cima degli Ortetti
Following the Punta Golai itinerary, reach Lago Paschiet. Go around the lake on the left (E) by a steep bump and then, through a long mid slope cut reach the Vallone degli Ortetti entrance. At 2500 m altitude enter a short and easy little couloir among the rocks leading to the hollow at the foot of Punta Virginia. Go to the left and overtake a cliff along a steep gully.  By passing to the left or to the right of a rocky spur, reach the higher part of the gully that gradually opens up.  When you arrive to the pass, turn right along the SE ridge to reach the summit  (pay attention should there be a lot of snow).

DESCENT:  By the ascent itinerary.

Cima Autour (crossing)

Following the Kind itinerary, reach Grange della Mussa then turn left. Once you have overcome Villa Sigismondi, climb the bushy slope (should there be a lot of snow, it could be more convenient to reach Rocca Nera, pass through Pian Turale and arrive to the small pass to the South of Rocca Tovetto).  Now you descend into the Saulera valley in the vicinity of the same name Alpe. Following the center of the valley, climb the several slopes and bumps up to about 2400 m altitude and then turn to the left (E) in the direction of an evident slope-gully. This is limited by little boulders and leads to Colle delle Pariate. On the other side of the pass at first, climb towards the right (S) some slopes limited to the East by Rocce le Priate, and then you will meet a wide plateau. Direct yourself toward the Cima Autour summit slope trying not to loose altitude while passing at Punta Lucellina’s foot. Now reach a small valley and then the final triangular slope.

DESCENT:  Follow the ascent itinerary until you reach 2550 m altitude, then turn to NW and descend through wide slopes to reach Alpe Servin (1948 m). Decisively go to the right (E) (should you go straight you would end up at the Pontat waterfalls!!) and reach the slopes delimiting the Vallone del Paschiet.  Descend to Alpe Pian Salè and, shortly, you will arrive at Cornetti.

Punta delle Serene (crossing)

Follow the ski lift tracks up to the arrival point.  Proceed westwards through a wood, following a small valley up to Alpeggio La Comba.  Climb along the small valley turning south and reach Pian Gioè’s huts. After a short steep climb you will arrive near the rocky crest overhanging Alpe Roccetta. Proceed westwards, overtake the lonely Alpe Giasset’s hut and reach the Lago Crot basin.

  1. Below the summit keep to the left (SW) and head toward a rocky spike, looking like a small man, which marks the entrance of a steep ledge. Follow it and reach the Servin valley, below Colle delle Pariate.
  2. Climb the steep final slope with or without ski according to snow conditions. Having reached the summit, climb down the ledge leading to Colle delle Pariate.

where you will meet again Cima Autour itinerary.

DESCENT: following the Cima Autour itinerary (ascent or descent)