GTA - profilo


The Grande Traversata delle Alpi (GTA) is a very long route that crosses all the Alps to Trieste for a total of more than 100 stages, of which more than half (65) involve Piedmont. It is a legendary route leading from the heart of the Alps to the sea: 1000 km long with a total elevation gain of 60.000 m.  An extraordinary experience in which action and contemplation blend in a kaleidoscope of culture and traditions in a breathtaking landscape.

GTA is a sport and cultural experience open to everybody as long as well trained and well equipped.  The route crosses from valley to valley, with stopovers at little villages where it is possible to find proofs of the alpine culture at its origins.

It is a sport experience as these are the most demanding stops of the Piedmont itinerary. Due to our valley orography, long ascents followed by long, sometimes steep, descents require an average 7-8 hours hiking.

It is a cultural experience as, along these trails, old trades were developed by local local people; artisans and foreigners moved, from valley to valley to offer their services and, finally, partisans and soldiers fighted during the war.

People wishing to tackle this itinerary will find wild landscapes with magnificent view over various nearby or faraway mountain massifs, on small alpine lakes and pastures. They will be able to appreciate the rich fauna and, with luck, to meet several species of the local fauna.

“Trekking through the GTA” means choosing an eco-friendly vacation, living the territory to discover its traditions and nature, comparing daily mountain life with its own. The eno-gastronomic aspect is also important, as you will appreciate typical local produces and old traditional recipes.

The best period for trekking along the GTA is from July to September when, except particular weather conditions, snow is all melted.