Museums and eco-museums

Museo delle genti delle Valli di Lanzo

Museums and eco-museums

Testimonies of a cultural and historical rich territory are proved by the several museums and eco-museums opened, in the last few years, to highlight our past events.

Along with strictly ethnographic exhibitions, other theme and eco-museums realities are spread around.  Here the museum idea is not only the one of an indoor exhibition, but it is enriched by outdoor nature, historical and architectural testimonies. A varied offer, concerning all valleys, allowing to immerse oneself both into past events, analyzing historical consequences, and into the so called “material culture”, where key players are rural culture tools and customs, is offered to the Customer. There also are many testimonies tied to the war period, the epic mountaineering, the nobles’ vacations and, finally, mineral processing.

A quantity of places and itineraries allows interpreting and valuing recent events through the occurrences of the past.


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Tools Museum
Castello di Baratonia Antique Museum
Museum of Mountaineering History
Old Talc Mine Museum
“Antonio Castagneri” – Mountaineering Guides Eco-museum
Partisan Resistance Museum
“Nicola Grosa” Partisan Resistance Museum
Mineralogical Museum
Museum of Lanzo Valleys Inhabitants
Daily customs Ethnographic Museum
Val Tesso and Malone Ethnographic Museum
Lanzo Textile Craft Ethnographic Museum
Nail Producers Eco-museum
“Arnaldo Tazzetti” Alpine Civic Museum
Wine Museum
Val Ceronda Eco-museum
Religiousness Museum
Balangero and Corio Mining Museum
Tools of Ancient Times Depot