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Whatever your favorite activity may be, you will have a chance to enjoy and live this territory dominated by NATURE.  “Soft” activities such as fishing, walking to collect edible herbs, summer or winter (with snowshoes or mountaineering ski) hiking, trekking along the great itineraries, all main winter sports, curling included, are available in our valleys.  Finally it is also possible to live strong emotions by climbing those path that made the history of mountaineering in Piedmont, by flying with the paraglide or by kayaking down our streams.

The Lanzo Valleys are also equipped to offer accessible sports so that EVERYBODY may choose and live great emotions!

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Servin Loop

An interesting loop hike, at Balme doorstep, allows visiting a side valley with the possibility to m...
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Pera Cagna

At the beginning of this easy tour, corresponding to the GTA itinerary up to Alpe Trione meadows, th...
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Monte Civrari

Monte Civrari is a magnificent massif formed by three separate summits. The goal of the trekking is ...
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Mines loop

This tour, not particularly difficult, offers the opportunity to visit three mines abandoned for yea...
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Lago Afframont

It is a very popular, easy and short hike allowing to reach one of the many Val d’Ala lakes. Lago Af...
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This is an important climbing site in the Valleys’ history. Gone out of style, lately it has been re...
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Bivacco Molino

An easy day trip to reach, all year around, this bivouac at the foot of the Uja di Mondrone rocky wa...
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Balme boulders

Professionally equipped by Guide Alpine Valli di Lanzo (Mountain Guides), four boulders offer an adv...
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Ala sundials

This is a set of thematic itineraries “to discover ancient time”, when the sun ruled the valleys inh...
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