Viù nature trail

Sentiero natura Viù - profilo

This is a long but very easy itinerary retracing and old trail, alternative to the mule road that climbed up the valley and was used to avoid paying duty at Lanzo tollhouse. Views are striking and it is possible to admire the mid mountain beauties, particularly the Stura banks, rich in flora and fauna.


Suggested period
April – October
Starting point
Lanzo Parco Ponte del Diavolo (460 m)
Elevation gain
+ 510 m; - 350 m
Travel time
3.45 hrs

Recommended for

  • Hikers
  • Families


At Lanzo traffic light follow the Valleys directional signs. Just a few meters past the light, before entering a tunnel, turn right and straight away left and enter the Parco del Diavolo parking area. Park the car here.


Reach Ponte del Diavolo through a paved path at first that becomes cobblestones later on.  Pass the bridge and turn right along the river. The trail climbs on the Monte Basso slopes and then, mainly at mid slope, it reaches the abandoned Germagnano equipped area. Proceed on the dirt trail and, arriving at the county road, turn left to reach the Pian Castagna hamlet houses (562 m). Here you may admire an old press. Now easily descend and  reach first the Colbertramo and then the Castagnole (657 m) hamlets. In Castagnole there is a small museum of daily use tools.

Overtake the village and reach the Barolo bridge by passing the pressure water pipes. Climb up to a pass where the characteristic recently restructured Routchàss shrine stands. A small Padre Pio statue is inside. The trail descends to Tisinelle (660 m) residential area. In the vicinity of another shrine turn left. At first through level ground and then with steep stretches the trail takes you to a bridge that allows you to cross the Ordagna stream.

The muletrack smoothly climbs up to Tese hamlet. Having reached the small residential area, near the little San Rocco and Santa Lucia’s church, proceed on a narrow cobblestone road up to the small square (635 m), where the road from Traves ends.


“Valli di Lanzo – 20 escursioni tra natura, storia, fede e leggende.” Ed. CAI Lanzo.


Valli di Lanzo –  carta  e sentieri 1 Valle Tesso, Tessuolo e Malone.

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