Fauna - profilo


The fauna is very rich and includes dears, chamois, ibexes, roe dears and rams. The wild boar is very common among mammals. The fox is present and the groundhog is quite common. Ermines, weasels, ferrets, badgers, martens, squirrel and dormice are also well distributed. The common and white hares are also present. Lately the wolf reappeared spreading its hunting territory from these valleys to the Haute Maurienne and the Gran Paradiso valleys.

The avifauna includes golden eagles, buzzards, bearded vultures, peregrin falcons, honey buzzards, goshawks and sparrowhawks. Among nocturnal birds of prey we have owls, eagle owls, kestrels and barn owls. White and rock partridges, wild cocks are also present. In the conifer woods, we may find bullfinches, chaffinches, Eurasian siskins, black woodpeckers, two-barred crossbills, linnet passeres, spotted nutcrackers and goldcrests, besides the already mentioned birds of prey.

Alpine accentors, common redstarts, skylarks and northern wheatears live on grazing and pasture meadows. The already mentioned golden eagles, alpine choughs, wallcreepers, common swifts and peregrin falcons live in the rocky areas.

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