What to discover

Cosa scoprire - profilo

The discovery of unspoiled nature, of wine and food with local typical produces and old recipes is the goal of a trip in our territory.  With a bit of fantasy, you will be able to empathize with the ancient valley inhabitants, discovering daily life customs, arts and crafts and events that transformed them in local tourism promoters.

You will discover this corner of Piedmont, unknown to most and to mass tourism, and will experience a quality vacation.


The flora distribution in the Lanzo Valleys is diversified according to altitude and slopes’ morphol...
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The fauna is very rich and includes dears, chamois, ibexes, roe dears and rams. The wild boar is ver...
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Usually the three Lanzo Valleys are identified as the Italian southern Graian Alps side. The area in...
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One of the Lanzo Valleys less known features, evidence of the great habitat variety they offer, is t...
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The Grande Traversata delle Alpi (GTA) is a very long route that crosses all the Alps to Trieste for...
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