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In the Lanzo Valleys a thick network of trails and mule tracks connects bottom valley to mid mountain villages from where, other trails climb to reach mountain huts, passes, lakes and refuges. We are in the heart of the Southern Graie Alps and, in the three main valleys, some very high environmental and landscape interest “jewels” are safeguarded.

The Vassola, Unghiasse, Vercellina, Gura, Sea and Trione lateral valleys may be mentioned for the Val Grande, without forgetting the Sentiero Balcone, a trail that climbs thorough it at an altitude included between 1300 and 2000 meters. In Val d’Ala, too, there is a similar route ending at the unique Uja di Mondrone’s feet. In Val d’Ala is also found the well-known Pian della Mussa that, during the years, inspired writers and musicians: the famous song “La Montanara” was born here. Many trails start from this wonderful plain to reach some of the best known and yearned for Piedmont summits, Uja di Bessanese and Uja di Ciamarella, and trails that allow to cross over to Valle dell’Arc in Savoy.

Many historical memories are found in the Val di Viù thanks to the Col del Lys and Colombario passes that allow descending in the Susa Valley. Many itineraries depart from Val di Viù for the nearby scenic summits. Above the Piana di Usseglio, this valley splits in the wild Vallone d’Arnas and in the bucolic Malciaussia basin, at the base of famous Rocciamelone. In both places, the more accessible passes to the Valle dell’Arc, that is Colle d’Arnas and Colle dell’Autaret, were crossed by roman roads.

We must not forget the lower Lanzo Valley, the Tesso and Malone valleys, which directly open up to the plain.  Thanks to their pre-Alps characteristics, covered by thick woods and with summits just reaching the 2000 meters altitude, offer wide panoramas and magnificent autumn colors. This is just a quick overview of what the Lanzo Valleys may offer to the enthusiastic hikers: the best thing to do is to come and visit!

The route descriptions of the website are merely suggestive. We have tried to underline the landscape and nature features, without neglecting the historical and architectural ones.

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