GTA: Malciaussia – Il Trucco

GTA Malciaussia Il Trucco - profilo

This is the final GTA stage that from the Lanzo Valleys takes you to the Susa Valley. It is a long itinerary but not particularly demanding. Long leveled stretches outflank the slopes of Monte Palon at first, and then of Rocciamelone. With clear visibility, from Colle della Croce di Ferro it is possible to enjoy the view of Torino, of the Susa Valley below and various mountains among which the Monviso stands out and, more to the right, the Barre des Ecrins.


Suggested period
From mid June to September, at the beginning of the season, it is possible to find snowfields in the higher part of the itinerary.
Starting point
Elevation gain
+ 820 m ; - 930 m
Travel time
5½ hrs
Trail indication
EPT 114, GTA, 560

Recommended for

  • Skilled hikers


Starting from the Posto Tappa, outflank the lake following the road. Overtake the Pietramorta huts and then cross the affluent and start climbing leaving to your left Ricovero degli Alpini. Once you are near the Rio Croce di Ferro, ignore the trail (EPT 113) to the left that goes to Lago Nero, but keep climbing along the comfortable partly paved mule track. Just a bit beyond Colle Croce di Ferro, already on the Susa Valley side, you will find Capanna Sociale Aurelio Ravetti, restructured old barracks. Proceed, now, on leveled ground to walk around Monte Palon slopes until reaching a crossroads marked by a cairn. The leveled track proceeds beyond Passo della Capra and leads to Rifugio Ca’ d’Asti, starting point, the next day, for the climb to Rocciamelone summit. The other track descends through pastures and arrives al Alpe Arcella. Follow the road descending toward the bottom of the valley. After crossing the watershed, you will pass below Rifugio La Riposa, reaching Alpe Costa Rossa. Leave the road and turn left following a westward trail that enters a larch wood. In the vicinity of Grangia Vottero (pay attention to misleading tracks due to grazing cows!) turn left and keep on descending through grassy clearings and groups of larches until arriving, through a final meadow, at the Posto Tappa “Il Trucco”.

In good weather conditions, it is worthwhile to climb the Rocciamelone summit where the highest sanctuary in Europe stands. Sunrise on the summit is an unforgettable experience. The bottom of the valley stands 3000 meters below and it offers perspectives unusual for the Alps. A 3 meters high bronze statue of the Virgin Mary characterizes the summit. It was made in 1899 and inaugurated on August 28 of the same year. It was split in eight sections so as to be carried to the summit on shoulders by the Battaglione “Susa” alpine troupers.

Since 1358, the summit is pilgrimage goal. It is said that Bonifacio Rotario d’Asti, captured by Turks, committed himself to the Virgin May. He promised, should he be able to return to his homeland, to dedicate her a simulacrum on his native land highest mountain summit. Helped by few bearers, he reached the Rocciamelone summit carrying a bronze triptych made in Bruge. This work is nowadays safeguarded in the Museo Diocesano in Susa Madonna del Ponte church. The Rocciamelone celebration is on the Madonna delle Nevi day, each year on August 5.


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