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In this section we want to make a difference between the least demanding hiking and a series of itineraries suitable to discover the naturalist, cultural and artistic territory aspects. You will find itineraries without great elevation gains, accessible to everybody.

In Val d’Ala and Val Grande, there are two more than ten kilometers long itineraries developing along the Stura.  They connect various small villages and make it possible, if necessary, to return, by mean of public services, to the starting point.

As far as cultural tourism is concerned, you will find through the hamlets of Ala di Stura, the so called “Sundials and Frescoes Village”, seven different itineraries. They will take you back in times when technology did not yet exist and you will live ancient emotions. Along these trails you will find 76 sundials, the largest collection in Europe, and several frescoes and rock engravings.

Furthermore, there are thematic itineraries to discover the local architecture evolution due to tourism arrival in our valleys around the end of the XIXth century. You will notice how small villas, changing from chalets to Liberty style houses, have harmoniously brought a town touch to the mountain villages.

In Balme and along the trails entering the woods, you will discover “The Sherwood Forest”. It is a group of wood sculptures obtained from dead logs by a Turin sculptors school named after the famous English Wood.

There also are ecological museums, which combine everyday tools and traditions collection with natural sites and panoramas. You will find how shepherds have become efficient mountain guides and they will take you to visit “chintane”, “airette” and Balme hamlets so as to show you aspects of their daily lives. Another choice is to enter the woods as to reach the no longer used Brunetta talc mine in Val Grande.  Here you will discover the mineral exploitation history in the valleys and will empathize with the miners’ life.

Finally, if you just want to immerse yourself into nature, there are many trails along which you will find notice boards describing fauna, flora and everything interesting there is to know.

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