Roc d’le Masche

Roc d’le Masche - 05

Short and easy trail climbing through a thick wood so as to reach this characteristic site where a huge squared boulder stands. The legend has it that fairies met here to dance.

Particularly striking is the view of the beautiful Val Grande panorama, from Santa Cristina to Groscavallo, Forno Alpi Graie and the Levanne glaciers.


Suggested period
April – October, it is possible to find snowfields at the beginning of the season.
Starting point
Vonzo (1232 m)
Elevation gain
340 m
Travel time
45 minutes
Trail indication
326, 326B

Recommended for

  • Hikers
  • Families
  • Everybody


Just before Chialamberto turn right and, through a narrow well pave road, reach the characteristic Vonzo hamlet and park the car on the square near the church.


Enter and follow the trail heading to Santuario Mariano “Madonna del Ciavanis”. Reach and overtake the Praias pasture. Shortly afterwards (see directional boards), turn left leaving the Santuario trail. The trail now climbs up the slopes descending from Roc D’le Masche, through wide hairpin turns. The wood slowly thins out and you will reach a scenic rocky ledge. Beyond the ledge you will arrive at the meadows dominated by the Roc D’le Masche. At the Roc foot, a typical pasture shelter has been obtained by using the same Roc as natural haven (La Balma).

The legend says that Vonzo fairies would dance at night on the boulder, the Roc. On a spring night, they decided to carry the boulder to Lanzo and put it on the devil’s bridge. The following day, they wanted to enjoy the amazement of Lanzo inhabitants before the miracle. The fairies loaded the rock on their heads and, by flying and following the Stura, arrived at the bridge.  Nevertheless, the devil did not like the idea of endangering his construction and, through tremendous threats, obliged the “masche” to take the boulder back to Vonzo. During the trip back, given the weight of the rock, the poor fairies had the feeling their heads were slowly sinking in the stone. They succeeded with difficulty in their job and the imprints of the heads, sunk by magic in the hard stone, are nowadays still visible.


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