Protected areas and S.I.C

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Protected areas and S.I.C

Pian della Mussa Site of EU Interest

Well known and appreciated enticement site, registered as S.I.C. due to its environmental and landscape characteristics, given the varieties of the many present natural habitats, which make of it a very good example, within the Graie Alps, of an alpine panorama. 19 environments of EU interests, 2 of which are primary, are pointed out in the area. Among the other habitats, glaciers are particularly important for their landscape and water resource value even if the plant biodiversity is lacking.

Grotte di Pugnetto Site of EU Interest

For their high scientific significance as endemic or endangered animal species habitat, the Grotte di Pugnetto have been registered as S.I.C. so as to obtain a European Community environmental protection project.

Several different bat lives characterize the fauna inhabiting the caves. In the 1920’s, doctor Felice Capra’s studies, in cooperation with other outstanding academics, brought to knowledge some endemic species: an isopod and a coleopter. We also point out other insect species, regular inhabitants of underground caves.  Unfortunately, nowadays, we observe serious decline of troglobite life due to unruled casual visitors.

 Stura di Lanzo Protected Area

 The Stura di Lanzo Protected Area has been integrated in the Regional Parks system. It is registered as S.I.C. due to the good plant and fauna conservation of the river basin, to the fossil forest geomorphological site and, particularly, to the Carex hartmanii botanical specie. The continuity of the three protected areas, Ponte del Diavolo, Stura river basin and La Mandria Park, guarantees and ecological corridor following the river safeguarding forest, gravel bed and water habitats.

Colle del Lys natural Park

The Park avifauna is rich and diversified since it is situated along an important migration route. Furthermore, several kinds of habitat able to sustain a relevant biological diversity are present. Nature does not have the only leading role of the Park: the pass has been theater of important historical events and the visitor will find himself at the center of the Piedmont resistance cradle.