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Passionate fishermen find in the Lanzo Valleys the ideal site to practice this sport being in the open air, respecting the environment and running away from city stress.

The streams, the creeks and mountain lakes surrounded by woods, clearings, high mountains and glaciers are ideal conditions for fishermen. Most than anybody else, the fisherman is an alert environment observer.

The three Stura branches (“Stura di Viù, Stura di Ala and Stura di Val Grande”) with all their tributary streams coming from the highest mountain lakes and glaciers, the Tesso and Tessuolo creeks in the lateral valley of Monastero and Coassolo, are the ideal habitats for trout. They may either be speckled trout or rainbow trout. The more valued salmon trout is still present but in small quantity.

Unfortunately the environmental disasters such as the 1994 and 2000 floods have destroyed the population of graylings. They made our valleys known to Piedmont and other regions fishermen using fly bait.

It has to be said that, lately, the fish depletion has brought along a neglect of the free fishing areas.  As consequence, more and more fishing reserves with fee developed.

Several fishing events, of both promotional and national level, took place in our waters. Many have been the fishing competitions with fly bait.

In order to fish in Val d’Ala and Val Grande, it is enough to have the regional fishing license costing € 22,72. To fish in Stura di Viù, including Germagnano’s section, it is also necessary a €12,00 payment to Tesoreria Provinciale di Torino. Please always refer to the provincial regulations.

Hoping in a more accurate management of the territory and in a progressive reactivation of potential interest areas, we are confident that our Valleys may be more and more thought of as “The fishermen paradise”. 

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