Lago Afframont

Lago Afframont - profilo

It is a very popular, easy and short hike allowing to reach one of the many Val d’Ala lakes. Lago Afframont is an example of a drumlin hollow: the glacial drift debris is evident on its sides. Furthermore, the basin is dominated by the Bec del Fausset and del Forte’s rocky buttresses and offers an interesting view of Uja di Mondrone. Finally, chamois are often seen.


Suggested period
June – October, snowfields may be found at the season’s beginning.
Starting point
Balme – Villaggio Albaron (1410 m)
Elevation gain
590 m
Travel time
1,45 hrs

Recommended for

  • Hikers
  • Families
  • Fishing


Once you have passed the Chialambertetto hamlet, follow the county road for about 1 km. Once you look out on Balme’s hollow, turn left on the first bridge and park the car in front of Pian della Mussa mineral water plant.


Follow the road, overcome the first two buildings then turn left.  Walk along a football field and head for the climbing dirt trail until, very soon, you find a new level trail on your left. Enter the latter and, having crossed the stream, take the trail on your right (direction on a rock). Overtake the initial clearing and enter a thick beech wood (very interesting site for mushrooms hunting) where you can appreciate a few wood sculptures. At the end of the vegetation zone, enter the Vallone di Afframont: once you have crossed a creek you will have a glimpse on Alpe Roc Piat. Cross the creek, leave the pasture huts on your right, keep on climbing to your right among low vegetation and rhododendrons. In a short while, you will reach a wide meadow where the Alpe Pian Ciavanna is. From the plain go to the left so as to overtake a cliff, then, following a creek , reach a small pass from which you have the Alpe Pian del Lago view. A grassy ridge takes you to the lake basin. It is possible to circle the lake through a comfortable trail running along the shore.

With an extra hiking hour you may climb up the slope to the right (lakefront) and reach Punta del Forte. Pay attention to the last few meters of exposed ridge from where you overlook the Paschiet and Servin valleys.

The descent is along the same itinerary.


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