Bivacco Gandolfo and Laghi Verdi

Bivacco Gandolfo Laghi Verdi - profilo

Easy loop hike, among the more classic ones, which, together with the Bivacco Molino’s, offers the chance of a first approach to autonomous overnight stay in the mountains. The bivvi, with its 8 beds, is a family size bivouac. The valley offers a variety of scenarios, particularly during the rhododendrons blooming season. Special are also the mountains shots obtained playing with the lakes reflections.


Suggested period
From the middle of May to October.
Starting point
Balme - Frazione Cornetti little square in front of the Pizzeria
Travel time
4.00 hrs
Trail indication

Recommended for

  • Hikers
  • Families
  • Fishing


Having overtaken Chialambertetto hamlet, drive on for about 1 km. and reach Balme hollow.  Turn left at the second bridge (road indication Frè) and follow the road until passing the little square. Park the car in the whereabouts of the hairpin turn at the foot of the I Frè hamlet.


Cross the bridge near the hairpin turn and follow the trail that coincides with the GTA (Grande Traversata delle Alpi). Reach Pian Salè pasture huts passing by the “Balena”, an enormous sheep rock. Ignore the trail on the right and proceed climbing and enter a wood by tackling a steep stretch leading to the summit of a cliff overlooking the stream. The trail levels up reaching the Garavela pastures. Keep following the right orographic side of the stream until reaching Alpe Pian Buet. A little further up, at the crossroads, keep to the right and climb a slope with many rhododendrons and alders until reaching the Lago Verde Inferiore. Bypass it on the right and climb, among enormous boulders, to the Lago Verde Superiore. In a short time you will reach, on the right trail side, Bivacco Gandolfo.

From the bivvi, descend again to Lago Verde Superiore; find on the left a trail track climbing, among alders and rhododendrons, to a small grassy pass from where you will enjoy a stunning view of 3 lakes. Descend, through a steep trail, to the underlying Lago Paschiet. Pass through a rocky barrier, at first, and then through meadows until reaching Alpe Paschiet. The trail is now steeper, with a lot of turns and, through a wood, it descends to the bottom of the Servin Valley.  Having reached a gangplank in sight of the Pian Salè pasture huts, cross the stream and reach them. From this point you will follow backward the ascent itinerary.



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