Punta delle Serene

Punta delle Serene - profilo

Classical tour, with striking panorama on the surrounding chain of mountains, crossing rarely visited areas, pastures and relative huts still in use during the summer. The crossing is suggested from Balme to Pian della Mussa and back to Balme so as to complete the loop in a day and leaving the climbing down for the final return to the starting point.


Suggested period
Half June – October.
Starting point
Balme (1420 m) or Grange della Mussa hamlet (1765m)
Elevation gain
+ 1225 m (starting from Balme); + 880 m (starting from Grange della Mussa)
Travel time
7,00 – 7,30 hrs

Recommended for

  • Hikers
  • Skilled hikers


Reach Balme residential area and, level with the church, enter the tiny street crossing the stream and park your car in the wide area in front of the ski lift.


Follow the Pilone San Pandrazio itinerary up to Alpe Comba. Behind the pasture huts, enter the trail on the left and, through a winding path in a wood, reach the wide Pian Gioè hollow. Proceed on the opposite ridge, not taking notice of the BTT path signals on the right. Head for the small pass from which you look down on the Servin valley, shortly overtaking first the Giasset and then the Crot pasture huts. Overtake the Crot small lake, often dry during summer months, and climb up the wide grass and boulders slope. The trail becomes steeper and steeper reaching the summit crest.  Following it, you will shortly reach the summit.

 From the summit, follow on the opposite side the trail traces down a small grassy ridge heading to Colle delle Pariate. Enter the big boulders steep couloir descending in the Saulera valley below.  Reach Pian degli Allamant where you will meet the obvious 218 trail descending from Passo delle Mangioire. Following this trail, you reach at first Alpe Saulera and then Grange della Mussa, from where, through the Pista Kind itinerary, you will go back to Balme.

It is also possible to descend the same ascent itinerary. Two different starting points are, therefore, available: Balme or Pian della Mussa.


“Escursionismo per tutti” di Roberto Bergamino e Umbro Tessiore Ed. Arti Grafiche San Rocco; “72 Escursioni fra le Uje di Lanzo” di Sergio Marchisio Ed. L’Arciere


Alte Valli di Lanzo – carta n° 17 L’Escursionista & Monti editori; Valli di Lanzo – carta dei sentieri 3 Val d’Ala e Val Grande

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