Sentiero Balcone Alto della Val d'Ala

Sentiero Balcone Alto Ala - profilo

This beautiful itinerary on the Val d’Ala southern slope is not so much of a long trekking but a mini hike with Bivacco Molino as support structure for people leaving from Pian della Mussa.  People wishing to split the itinerary in several legs may reach or leave the trail at different points: from Balme with GTA, from Martassina with the trail leading to La Tea and Prà d’souri, from Cresto along the forest track that, from Pian della Pietra, leads to Pian Fè and to Sarpeis.


Suggested period
May – October, chances of snow fields at the beginning of the season.
Starting point
Piano della Mussa - Rifugio Cirié
Elevation gain
about 2500 m
Travel time
12 hrs

Recommended for

  • Hikers
  • Skilled hikers


On reaching Chialambertetto hamlet turn right from he county road.  When you reach the hamlet keep the right and follow on the paved road up to a crossroad on your left indicated as GTA and Molera.


The Sentiero Balcone della Val d’Ala runs on the southern slope, parallel to the county road. It starts from Piano della Mussa, near the Rifugio Cirié and ends at Bracchiello (Ceres), joining several pastures huts.

Leaving from Pian della Mussa, follow the Balme Trek Tour 2. On arriving at the crest overlooking Lago del Mercurin, descend the steep rubble gully and reach the lake below.  Skirt it on the right and, always on rubble ground, climb up the trail track to mid slope. Go around the southern Uja di Mondrone crest and reach the base of a rocky wall overlooking Alpe Le Piane. Descend to the pasture huts ruins and join the Bivacco Molino trail.

If you start from Molera for a day outing, follow the Bivacco Molino itinerary. In the hollow before reaching the bivvi turn right to cross the small d’la pera morta pass. Now descend towards Le Frere pasture huts from where the crossing of the amphitheater dominating the pastures of Piani, Vasuera and Pian del Lago (2225 m) starts. Continue on flatland until reaching the Arp d’Padrucc and Malzè pasture huts. You will now enter the Croset valley passing by Pian Cumun and Ciavanis (1880 m) pastures huts, while descending. From the huts proceed E to reach the Malatrait and Pianè (1793 m) pastures on the Punta Croset slopes. From this point, descend towards your left, overtaking a narrow gully and a wood, to exit at Sarpeis (1596 m). Start climbing again, diagonally towards E, through the wood. Cross two steep lateral valleys and walk through a flatland among larches and pines to arrive at Attia pasture huts (1740 m). At the huts you may decide to continue the hike towards Colle d’Attia or descend at Ala di Stura (EPT 238).


© Carlo Peraudo – Gian Carlo Alasonatti


Alte Valli di Lanzo – carta n° 17 L’Escursionista & Monti editori; Valli di Lanzo – carta dei sentieri 3 Val d’Ala e Val Grande

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