Mines loop

Anello delle miniere - profilo

This tour, not particularly difficult, offers the opportunity to visit three mines abandoned for years. CAI di Lanzo recovered them and, thanks to explanatory boards, they may now be seen autonomously. Once, these talc and calcium mines hired many mountaineers. A beautiful view of Santa Cristina Sanctuary may be enjoyed from the trail going from the Brunetta mine to the Cugnì’s.


Suggested period
May - November, it is possible to find snowfields at the beginning of the season.
Starting point
Cantoira – Frazione Vru (1030 m)
Elevation gain
590 m
Travel time
4.30 hrs

Recommended for

  • Hikers
  • Families
  • Snow-shoes


Passed Cantoira, turn right and follow the Vru – Lities direction. Reach Vru hamlet and park the car in the little square.


Walk to reach the Rivirin houses, characterized by Mole Antonelliana and Pisa leaning tower miniature reproductions. The trail starts from this point and climbs through a narrow valley, along Rio Brissout, which you will cross three times. At half way through, there is a small abandoned lime quarry. Reaching the next crossroads for S. Domenico, turn right (there are direction signals), flank a small shrine on the trailside, pass by a white marble cross in memory of a miner who died in 1925 and enter a side valley. Keep on climbing along the stream, noticing the more and more evident traces of the old cableway, until the valley opens up and you see, high up, the mine. The trail now follows a small brook, which makes the slope marshy. After a stretch with shrubs, pass by some huts, used as miners’ sleeping quarters. Now turn right and, through a comfortable trail, reach the mine (1580 m).

It is a talc mine from the early 1900, which closed down in 1979. Thanks to CAI di Lanzo, it has been recovered and transformed in a museum. Visitors may observe, beside the original tunnel, the perfectly preserved outside structures, the small train parked in the specific place, the joined workshop with all the tools in use at the time.

Now take the trail starting from above the mine tunnel entrance, which, having crossed the stream reaches the Cugnì’s mine. This is a scenic section of the trail. Reach Zanai and follow the cart road up to the Forchetta pass. From here descend to Blinant hamlet and then, through the dirt road, go back to Vru.


Sentieri natura n.1, 20 sentieri tematici del CAI Lanzo.


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