Rifugio Cibrario - Vallone Arnas

Rifugio Cibrario Vallone Arnas - profilo

Rifugio Cibrario is located at an altitude of 2600 meters, in a pleasant hollow cut through by several Rio Peraciaval streams that allow a lush and colorful flora. The stillness of the surrounding glacial moraines has favored, in the past few years, the settlement of a great herd of ibexes. Almost daily, they descend to graze near the Rifugio.


Suggested period
July – mid September, the Rifugio opening season.
Starting point
Usseglio – Alpe Barnàs
Elevation gain
1070 m
Travel time
3 ½ hrs

Recommended for

  • Mountaineers
  • Hikers
  • Skilled hikers


Just after the Usseglio central residential area, having overtaken Villaretto hamlet and just before the restaurant hotel “La Furnasa”, turn right and climb the steep road going through the Vallone d’Arnas floor. Keep going, overtake the S. Anna little church, until reaching Alpe Barnàs, starting point of the trail.


From Alpe Barnàs descend towards Rio Peraciaval, cross the wooden bridge and climb the slope. Turn left so as to cross the creek descending from Monte Lera. At an altitude of approximately 1800 meters, the trail reaches the “Decauville” (that is the ruins of the narrow-gauge railroad joining Malciaussia to the Lago Dietro la Torre used to transport the building materials for the Lago della Rossa dam). Follow the railroad track to the right for a few hundred meters, leave them and start a steep climb on the left ending near a waterfall from Rio della Lera. At this point the trail rejoins the one arriving from Margone. After a short stretch of swiftly climbing, the trail, bypassing the “prigioni della Lera” (Lera jails), climbs more consistently until reaching the beautiful Rio Peraciaval waterfall (visible from the bottom of the valley). A daring bridge allows the easy crossing of the stream, after which the trail makes a wide hairpin turn and becomes steeper, always keeping its left orographic side. Through a sequence of hairpin turns you will overtake a ledge, reaching the above Piano del Sabiunin where Rifugio Cibrario stands. You will finally enjoy a beautiful view of the mountain hut.


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