GTA: Pialpetta - Balme

GTA Pialpetta Balme - profilo

Among the Valleys stages, this is the one having the greatest development and the most kilometers to be cover. During the morning, you will climb, in the shadow, through woods, pastures and rubble grounds. You will then descend through pastures and woods, outflanking, by a long crossing, Uja di Mondrone (called the Lanzo Valleys “Matterhorn”) slopes. The first part of the climb corresponds to the Pera Cagna itinerary.


Suggested period
From mid June to September, at the beginning of the season, it is possible to find snowfields in the final climb to Colle del Trione (Val Grande N side).
Starting point
Elevation gain
+ 1670 m; - 1230 m
Travel time
8 hrs
Trail indication
EPT 305, GTA, 234, 233

Recommended for

  • Skilled hikers


From the Posto Tappa, proceed on the county road in Migliere direction until you reach (on the right) a narrow road descending towards the Stura. Cross the bridge on the river and enter the obvious mule track to the right (directional signs). Cross the wood and reach the Pera Cagna plain. Continue through pastures, passing by Alpe Trione and Gias Nuovo and Gias di Mezzo so as to finally reach the Laghi di Trione. From this point, through a wide tour to the left (E), you arrive at a rocky ledge overlooking the lakes and reach the base of a steep rubble slope. Climb the slope by a winding trail and finally arrive at Colle del Trione. The first descent stretch to Lago Vasuero is steep and, in summer, usually dry. Skirt the lake on the left and reach Alpe Pian del Lago. From this point proceed diagonally until arriving at Alpe Vasuero di Sopra (pay attention to several misleading tracks left by grazing cows!). The pasture overlooks directly on Alpe Vasuero di Sotto that can be reached directly cutting through the pastureland. From here the trail is obvious again, you cross a hollow to the right (W) and descend through a meadow to Alpe Pian Prà. From now on the trail cuts the hairpin turns of the dirt road until arriving at Alpe Pian Bosco. Pay attention!!  While descending, find on the right a boulder with the indication to Balme, take the trail which, through small grassy plains and a beech wood, takes you to the Molera hamlet. If by any chance you follow the dirt road (6 km), you will reach Mondrone, Ala di Stura hamlet!!!

Now follow the paved road, until reaching the old county road. Climb along it for about one kilometer, passing through Chialambertetto hamlet.You will then reach Balme hollow, overtake the first bridge on the left, and proceed for another 100 meters. Follow the indication for the Cornetti hamlet to the left. The GTA Posto Tappa Les Montagnards is on the right along the road, at about 250 meters.


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Valli di Lanzo – carta sentieri 3 Val d’Ala e Val Grande; Alte Valli di Lanzo – carta n° 17 L’Escursionista & Monti editori

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