Pera Cagna

Sentiero Pera Cagna - profilo

At the beginning of this easy tour, corresponding to the GTA itinerary up to Alpe Trione meadows, there is a curious boulder. An old legend has it that this big rock was hiding rich silver (gold) mines. The trail, going on to the lakes and Colle di Trione, is more demanding and requires good physical training.


Suggested period
June – September.
Starting point
Migliere 1070
Elevation gain
451 m
Travel time
1,15 hrs
Trail indication
305, GTA

Recommended for

  • Hikers
  • Skilled hikers
  • Families


Reach the Migliere hamlet where you may park the car.


Proceed on the county road in Pialpetta direction until you reach (on the left) a narrow road descending towards the Stura. Cross the bridge on the river and enter the obvious mule track to the right (directional signs). Climb diagonally, through a larch and beech wood, overtaking some little valleys. After an area of huge boulders, you will arrive at Piano di Trione where raspberries and blueberries may be picked abundantly. Proceeding on the plain, characterized by cryptic stone structures remotely recalling the Sardinian Nuraghs, you will reach (on the left) this huge and curious rock called Pera Cagna or Pietra del Diavolo. Shortly after, near the trail, you will reach a spring (on the right). From this point you may enjoy the best view of Bec Ceresin, a gigantic monolith, shaped as an upside down pyramid, about 40 m tall, completely isolated from the other surrounding rocks. Another Bec peculiarity is the summit pinus uncinata scrub among the vegetation, the only one in our Valleys.

Going back to the Pera Cagna legend, it is said that the devil was carrying the boulder so as to bury a certain village population. A Forno hermit’s prayers caused the devil loosing the grasp. The devil, determined to accomplish his task, tried in any way to lift up again the boulder by turning into several different animals. The ruts and streaks on the boulder should be evidence of his attempts, claws and hoofs of the animals he turned into.

Descent is through the same itinerary.


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