Bivacco Fassero Soardi

Bivacco Fassero Soardi - profilo

A very well marked trail for a hike allowing venturing into Vallone di Sea. This has a particular orographic interest due to mountains such as Cima di Leitosa, Albarin di Sea, the Uja di Ciamarella North face and the Gruppo Sea-Monfret chain. The itinerary allows morphological and lithologic observations, particularly referring to glacial morphology.


Suggested period
From the end of June to October.
Starting point
Forno Alpi Graie
Elevation gain
1078 m
Travel time
4 hrs
Trail indication
EPT 308

Recommended for

  • Mountaineers
  • Climbing
  • Hikers
  • Skilled hikers


From Forno Alpi Graie, overtake the Gura creek concrete bridge and follow the dirt road where, on the right, the service waterworks road steeply climbs up. Park the car in the road widening, without hampering the way.


Climb to the right following the waterworks service road which, reaching the location “Porte di Sea” becomes trail marked #308. Proceed on the trail climbing in the striking Vallone di Sea, in front of the Leitosa and Mombran rocky walls, favored by climbers. Pass by Balma Massiet pasture shelter and continue to Alpe di Sea hut, leaning against a rock. Here the valley morphology changes, becoming wider and overlooked by towering mountains. On the right hydrographic side, the Albaron di Sea dominates the scenery with a more than 900 meters wall falling steeply in the Gola di Napoleone. The left hydrographic side is still rich of “gneiss tabulari” (slabs). The ease of micaceous fractures of these stones originated the place name “Bacino delle Lose”. Having crossed the Piani di Sea, of glacial origin, and abandoned the Gias Neuv, steeply climb among rocks to Passo di Napoleone. From this point, find the edge of an old lateral moraine, which you will follow almost accurately to Bivacco Fassero Soardi.

The descent is along the same itinerary.

You may stay overnight at Bivacco Fassero Soardi and, the following day, continue to Colle di Sea, 3100 m. After leaving the bivvi, the next day, proceed in the high Vallone di Sea, passing below the Tonini Glacier/Ghiacciao Tonini seracs and in front of the Ciamarella North face. You will then reach Colle di Sea on the remains of the same name old glacier, now almost melted off and covered by rubble (snow at the biginning of the season). (Difficulty EE, travel time 2½ hrs.


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