Monte Civrari

Monte Civrari - profilo

Monte Civrari is a magnificent massif formed by three separate summits. The goal of the trekking is the highest Punta Imperatoria (2302 m). It is the central summit between Torretta del Prete (2264 m) and Punta della Croce (2234 m). The view from the summit is breathtaking.


Suggested period
April - October; in wintertime, it is a ski mountaineering itinerary (BS).
Starting point
Niquidetto (1180 m)
Elevation gain
1122 m
Travel time
3 hrs
Trail indication
EPT 104

Recommended for

  • Hikers
  • Snow-shoes
  • Ski mountaineering


You may reach Niquidetto either form Valle di Viù, road to Colle del Lys from Fucine, or from Valle di Susa, road to Colle del Lys from Almese.


From Niquidetto, take the dirt road leading to Muande Freste (1432 m – 45 minutes). From Muande Freste proceed at the back of the pasture huts, cutting through the mountain slopes. After a good climbing stretch, enter the valley closed by the three Civrari summits. Skirt the Civrari small lake (1956 m) leaving it to your left. Having passed the lake, with a last climb reach Bocchetta del Civrari (2170 m) and turn right. The trail climbs a small grassy crest. Just before arriving to the summit of the grassy bump characterizing the crest, ignore the entrance to a trail. Shortly descend so as to arrive at a small pass and then climb along a little crest of surfacing rocks leading to the Civrari summit (Punta Imperatoria 2320 m). A big cairn stands on the summit. The view is wide and breathtaking.

Descend backwards along the ascent trail.


“Camminare in Val di Viù”- R. Bergamino ed. Uja


Valli di lanzo; Fraternali n.4 Bassa Val Susa, Musinè, Valsangone, Collina di Rivoli; Cai lanzo, carta dei sentieri- Valli di Lanzo n.2 , Val di Viù e Val d’Ala

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