GTA: Ceresole Reale - Pialpetta

GTA Ceresole Pialpetta - profilo

Coming from Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso, this GTA stage gives access to the Lanzo Valleys. The panoramas are breathtaking and contrasting. In the first and final parts of the stage, they are bucolic views of larch and beech woods. In the mid part of it, from Colle della Crocetta, you will appreciate wide views on the highest Lanzo Valleys summits (Croce Rossa, Bessanese, Ciamarella, Levanne), on the Gran Paradiso chain (from Punta Fourà to Gran S. Pietro) and on the Vanoise.


Suggested period
From mid June to September, in the higher part, it is possible to find snowfields at the beginning of the season.
Starting point
Ceresole Reale
Elevation gain
+ 1170 m ; - 1610 m
Travel time
7 hrs
Trail indication
EPT 525, 520, GTA, 321

Recommended for

  • Skilled hikers


From the Posto Tappa, take the mule track climbing to the dam and, from this point, keep flanking the lake until reaching Villa Poma vicinity. Turn left and climb the trail crossing the beautiful larches, spruce and silver firs wood that, at the beginning of summer, with rhododendrons in bloom and the Lago di Ceresole background, offer striking views. Leaving the wood behind, you will cross pastureland and the related La Balma, Gran Ciavana and Fumanova huts. Just before reaching Colle della Crocetta, cross the bare Pian dei Morti, so named after a bloody fight between Groscavallo and Ceresole inhabitants. Ceresole people stole the Groscavallo church bells. Once the theft was discovered, they were run after and caught up on this plain, attacked and defeated. In memory of this event, Groscavallo inhabitants mounted a plank on the bell tower side toward the mountain, so as to close the bells opening and make it, therefore, more difficult to steal them again.

From Colle della Crocetta, descend first at mid slope and then more directly to Lago di Vercellina, a small lake nestled among smooth rocks. You then cross wide pastures and several huts, some of them now in ruins, some still in use: Gias Nuovo, Gias del Burich e Gias di Mezzo. Just after the huts, you will descend a long mid slope cutting the steep side of the valley until reaching a larch wood. The trail now becomes a mule track and, having overcome Alpe Invers, it crosses a road. Cross this road and, cutting through the meadows, reach the Crest hamlet first and, finally, reach Rivotti, which you easily will distinguish from above due to its typical little white church. The mule track goes on crossing several times the paved road and going through chestnut woods until reaching Pialpetta where, having crossed the residential area, you will find, along the county road, the Posto Tappa.


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