Forno Alpi Graie - Vallone della Gura - Passo delle Lose - Vallone di Sea - Forno Alpi Graie Loop

Anello Passo delle Lose - profilo

This loop itinerary is reserved to skilled and equipped hikers. It is one of the most satisfying opportunities to visit the wild Gura – Sea – Monfret massifs without having to overcome climbing difficulties. You may enjoy various lythology and geomorphological observations along the path. For emergency, support may be found at Bivacco Ferreri-Rivero and at Bivacco Soardi-Fassero.

It is an itinerary to be started early in the morning and in the best weather conditions.


Suggested period
July - October
Starting point
Forno Alpi Graie (1219 m)
Elevation gain
+ 1649 m
Travel time
8 hrs
Trail indication
EPT 315, 316 and 308

Recommended for

  • Mountaineers
  • Skilled hikers


Park the car in Piazza Girardi at Forno Alpi Graie. Reach the end of the village and, having crossed the concrete bridge over the Gura stream, you will find a sign post for Rifugio Paolo Daviso.


Follow the trail indication 315 up to Piano della Gura (Roua Piana) where you cross Rio Bramafam (gangplank available from end of June to mid September). Reach the crossroads marked by the trail indication 316. Follow this trail, overtake a stretch of rocks equipped with chains and climb up the steep track through alders (be careful in the first stretch) leading to the historical Bivacco Ferreri-Rivero structure. Continue to the left of the building along the trail indications (actually not very visible), following the fair tracks, climbing the moraine edge that serves as the left Rio Bramafam hydrographic bank. Carefully descend about 10 meters and cross to the opposite bank (chance of snow at the beginning of the season). Reach, through rubbles, the base of the rocky wall where you will notice a paint mark (warning for falling stones after heavy rains). Climb up a small gully through easy I° climbing moves and reach by fixed rope the narrow slanting ledge that you will walk through to the end. Keep climbing up the trail among rocky walls and through high meadows until reaching a small hole originated by a leaning slab. Crawl through it, trailing your backpack behind. Continue to the entry of a hanging valley descending to Passo delle Lose. Cross a snowfield and bear to the right hydrographic bank, through small rocks at first and on piled blocks later on, until reaching Passo dell Lose (2868 m). Descend on the Sea side through big boulders then, without difficulty, in the Lose hollow, through pastures and rocks smoothed by ancient glaciers. Just below Gias Piatou you will find trail indication 308 to the nearby Bivacco Fasser-Soardi (30 minutes). Following the trail downwards you will reach again Forno Alpi Graie.


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