GTA: Usseglio - Malciaussia

GTA Usseglio Malciaussia - profilo

After the previous days elevation strains, this is a relaxing GTA stage. The are two itinerary so as to reach the next Posto Tappa. The first one accurately follows the GTA. The second is an interesting and good variation retracing the decauville service track. The electric company built this narrow-gauge railroad in 1932 in order to facilitate movement of materials between Lago di Malciaussia and Lago Dietro La Torre.


Suggested period
From mid June to September, at the beginning of the season, it is possible to find snowfields in the final climb to Passo Paschiet.
Starting point
Elevation gain
+ 580 m; - 30 m
Travel time
3 hrs
Trail indication
EPT 111, GTA, EPT 118, 111B, SI (Sentiero Italia)

Recommended for

  • Skilled hikers


Leaving the Posto Tappa, climb along the paved road up to Margone (abt. 3 km).  From this point, two itineraries are available:

  1. GTA: Beyond the central square, enter the small road descending toward the stream and cross it. Climb along the trail up to Grange Vaiet and climb down again to the stream. Cross it and follow the road up to Grange Ciapé. At this point, going to the left you will cross again the stream and climb up the long trail, through a wild and steep environment, to the base of the Lago di Malciaussia dam. (Now you will) cross for the last time the stream and, at the end of a steep final climb, you will reach the road.
  2. Decauville: The trail (directional signs to Rifugio Cibrario at Peraciaval) starts besides the “Il Caminetto” hash house. Climb up, overtaking a few falling apart huts, until you arrive at a plateau (abt 1800 m). Continue to the left until crossing the railroad track pointed out by some old rusty rails. Proceed, almost on flatland, along the “Decauville” ground, which is easily recognizable. Easily overtake a first small valley and arrive at a second valley where the railroad substructure has completely been taken away by avalanches. The trail stretch is exposed but a fixed rope makes the transit safe. The trail is now in good conditions, cut in the rock, until the entrance of a tunnel, about 350 m long (it is necessary to have a headlamp). After the gallery exit, the trail runs among meadows at first and then cut into the rocks. After a short very steep descent, equipped with rope and steps, you will arrive at the paved road leading to the Malciaussia artificial lake, just about one hundred meters before the dam. Shortly after you will reach the Posto Tappa Rifugio Vulpot.


“GTA – Grande Traversata delle Alpi” di I. Kürschner e D. Haas Ed. Rother.


Valli di Lanzo – carta sentieri 3 Val d’Ala e Val Grande; Alte Valli di Lanzo – carta n° 17 L’Escursionista & Monti editori

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