Decauville Trail

Sentiero Decauville - profilo

Beautiful, scenic and very popular outing, which, at mid slope, retraces the old narrow-gauge railroad connecting the Malciaussia dam to the Margone power plant. Some stretches are equipped with fixed ropes for support and safety.


Suggested period
June – October, it is possible to find snowfields at the beginning of the season.
Starting point
Usseglio – Borgata Margone (1458 m)
Elevation gain
430 m
E + EE
Travel time
2,15 hrs
Trail indication
118, 111B

Recommended for

  • Hikers
  • Skilled hikers


Having overcome Usseglio residential area, proceed to the Margone hamlet and park the car on the square. The trail starts by “Il Caminetto” hash house.


The trail (directional signs to Rifugio Cibrario at Peraciaval) starts a few meters before the service area on the left orographic side of the valley. Climb up, overtaking a few falling apart huts, until you arrive at a plateau (abt 1800 m). Continue until crossing the railroad track pointed out by some old rusty rails. Proceed, almost on flatland, along the the “Decauville” ground, which is easily recognizable. Easily overtake a first small valley and arrive at a second valley where the railroad substructure has completely been taken away by avalanches. The trail stretch is exposed but a fixed rope makes the transit safe. The trail is now in good conditions, cut in the rock, until the entrance of a tunnel, about 350 m long (it is necessary to have a head lamp). After the gallery exit, the trail runs among meadows at first and then cut into the rocks. After a short very steep descent, equipped with rope and steps, you will arrive at the paved road leading to the Malciaussia artificial lake, just about one hundred meters before the dam.

The Decauville is a narrow-gauge railroad that may be quickly dismantled and reassembled. As a matter of fact, all elements, few meters long track sections, light rails assembled on metal ties, transition curves, switches and turntables may be assembled as needed. The Decauville, therefore, is a railroad fit to be built on any ground and according to any layout.


Sentieri natura n.1, 20 sentieri tematici del CAI Lanzo.


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