Religiousness loop - Lemie

Giro anello religiosità  Lemie - profilo

This very popular loop itinerary offers religiousness evidence, samples of faith expression tied to healing or happy comebacks from war or work abroad. Furthermore, the higher part of the trail may be considered an interesting terrace overlooking Lemie and its hamlets. It is also possible to spot roe deers and wild boars.


Suggested period
May - November, it is possible to find snowfields at the beginning of the season.
Starting point
Lemie - Forno di Lemie (840 m)
Elevation gain
750 m
Travel time
4.30 hrs

Recommended for

  • Hikers
  • Families


Park the car on the service area and walk the short distance to Lemie Town Hall square. Being a loop trip, it is also possible to park at the bridge of Forno di Lemie or Villaretti.


Reach the Cappella della Sindone in the bottleneck just before the bridge, turn left (directional signs) and proceed on the narrow road in the old village. Turn right and descend to the “strada dei ponti” that crosses the streams Ovarda and Stura di Viù. Follow the dirt road along the river up to the Villa hamlet.

Walk through the wood so as to reach the Cappella di San Giulio, with frescoes dating from 1486, and then the Forno hamlet, with the characteristic bridge. Cross it and climb through a beech wood up to the Cappella della Madonna del Truc, from which to enjoy a beautiful panorama.

Proceed on level ground to Pessinea hamlet, where the 1880 characteristic fountain stands, and climb through the hamlet up to the old community oven.

The trail now winds through the woods and reaches the Sauna houses, at first, and then the Tinetta, where you may see the Benal, ancient haylofts with rye hay roof, today tin roof.

Once reached the Colletto, climb the slight slope to the Parneri houses, characterized by a shrine along the trail, in a scenic position. Keep on climbing up to the Cresta del Vento, another panoramic viewpoint. Now, following a good mule track delimited by dray stone walls still in good condition, reach Villaretti.

Right after the little square, descend on your left through a paved trail heading to Lemie and reach again the Cappella della Sindone.


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