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Hiking to the top of a mountain and then, through a few easy steps, to soar freely is a unique feeling. Floating in the air for tens and tens kilometers, just taking advantage of winds and currents, has an old times fascination. (virgole?)There is a magic way to personally prove all these emotions: “PARAGLIDING”.

In the last few years, this sport, for people loving nature and silences offered by mountain panoramas being observed from a “different” viewpoint, has gained ground in the Lanzo valleys too. More and more are the fans who daily color the sky with their gliders, carrying out flights in full compliance with the environment.  There are several take-off areas that allow breathtaking flights over our Piedmont sites, rich in history and beauty, with one only rule: respect nature, the farmers’ assets.

In 1994 the “Baratonga Flyers” was born in the Lanzo Valleys, so as to offer support, expert advice, competence and help to all people interested: experts and not, just sportsmen or curious persons.

The headquarters and base of operations are in Cantoira, at the Osteria degli Amici. Here you will meet Alberto, the club vice president, always ready to give information on flight sites, weather conditions, to organize flights with two-seater gliders and to plan the shuttle time schedule. Besides, he is also a good cook and serves his specialties as refreshments to the pilots!

The Club offers a variety of exciting flights, on your own, with a two-seater glider and also WITH A TWO-SEATER WITH WHEELCHAIR, the latter in cooperation with the Peter Pan flight school. With parent’s disclaimer, minors may try a first flight.

For information, flight costs and methods directly contact the official headquarters.

Osteria degli Amici – Via Roma 179 – CANTOIRA Tel. 0123/585897

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Recommended for

  • Skilled hikers
  • Barrier-free - joelette
  • Everybody


The Baratonga headquarters are on the left of the county road, just after leaving Cantoira village and proceeding towards Chialamberto and Groscavallo.