Ski mountaineering: Groscavallo

Scialpinismo Groscavallo - profilo

Going up Val Grande, three wide hollows enclosed by summits that divide it from Valle dell’Orco attract the attention. Because of the two slopes different morphology, the panoramas are breathtaking. The territory offers very interesting and well-structured outings, which require good knowledge of the snow. Due to the slopes exposure (S) it is necessary to leave early in the morning so as to find the best snow conditions and to limit possible dangers due to high temperatures.


Suggested period
January – April.
Starting point
Forno Alpi Graie and Frazione Rivotti
Elevation gain
from 1400 to 1650 m
from BS to OS (good skiers – excellent skiers)

Recommended for

  • Ski mountaineering


Follow to the end the county road up to Forno Alpi Graie square.

To reach Borgata Rivotti turn right 1 km after Pialpetta village. After about another km, turn left and proceed to the hamlet.



Starting from Forno Alpi Graie, follow the orographic left side of the Colombin valley, among birches and alders, until you overcome the foot of the “La California” rock wall. Turn eastward and pass the hump that allows you to overcome the rocky bastion and exit from vegetation. Climb northward along steep slopes and reach Gias Nuovo Fontane. Turn NNE on the right side of the ridge descending from Barrouard to Colletto del Ciom (2218 m).  Strictly follow the narrowing ridge and reach the summit.

DESCENT: Along the ascent itinerary. It is possible to find snow blown by the wind along the ridge. Below Gias Fontane, pay attention to surfacing rocks in case of poor snow conditions.

Corno Bianco  

From Rivotti climb through meadows, in direction NNW, until reaching the road that you will follow westward up to Moie. From this point climb on the right of the valley, passing Gias Primavera and Pian delle Cialme. Keep on climbing steeper slopes until you arrive at Costa di Pra Longis and will then overlook the Vallone delle Sagnasse. Descend without loosing altitude and continue diagonally (NW) going up the hollow until reaching the entrance of the steep couloir leading to the summit crest.  Climb it and then follow it (SW) to the summit.

DESCENT: Along the ascent itinerary.

Piccolo Morion

From Rivotti climb northward through meadows up to Alpe Invers. Proceed in NNW direction. Overpass the last larch trees and, keeping below the dividing crest between Comba Alpetta and Vallone di Vercellina, proceed to the vicinity of Gias di Mezzo, encircling some rocky stretches. Turn decisively to the left (W) and climb the slope characterized by big boulders. Pass at the foot of Monte Morion South side, entering, in so doing, the basin at the foot of Colle Morion. Go toward the obvious final slope leading to the ridge. Leave the ski and, through an easy climb on granite, reach the summit.

DESCENT: Along the ascent itinerary.


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