Rocca Candelera's Via Ferrata


This is the first via ferrata in the Lanzo Valleys. It develops on a beautiful schist rocky spur rising from the steep woods above Piazzette, a small Usseglio hamlet.  The route uprightness offers a great precipitous panorama on the underlying valley and of the overhead summits: Torre d’Ovarda, Croce Rossa, Punta Valletta, and Monte Lera to reach Rocciamelone, Palon and Lunella.  The wild and striking environment will fully satisfy your lust for adventure.


Suggested period
Spring and autumn
Starting point
Usseglio – Frazione Piazzette (1250 m)
Elevation gain
537 m
From PD to D
Travel time
4-5 h

Recommended for

  • Mountaineers
  • Climbing
  • Skilled hikers


Park the car beyond road bend some hundreds meters past the Piazzette quarry ( the quarry is privately owned and still in use, reason for which is not possible to park inside).  You will find the first sign.  Following the clear direction boards, a trail marked by several cairms and red marks, weaving through the woods and overtaking elevation gain of about 170 meters, you will reach the via ferrata start in about half and hour.


The via ferrata is equipped with a plastic coated steel cable, hand grips and stirrups  positioned where necessary in the most difficult places.  Good natural handholds may be used for an easy and enjoyable rock climbing in the easiest places.  The start is along a not too vertical spur.  At the beginning rock climbing stretches alternate with short walking stretches (PD-AD) with the cable protection.  Later on the via becomes more vertical reaching more athletic and hard moves (D).  Past the first breathtaking vertical section, you will reach a small saddle where a short monkey bridge has been positioned but it may easily be avoided.  Beyond the bridge, the second and most difficult section, with its short overhangs (D), even if never jutting out too much, begins.  You will then reach a second small pass.  Beyond this, the final easier stretch, made agreeable by the Thymus serpyllum perfume, begins.  A well exposed traverse, followed by a last short overhanging move and a final slab, both well assembled, will take you to the summit and to the wooden cross with the mountain dialect name: “Rochi Chandlè”.


By following the equipped grassy ridge, you will reach a grassy saddle where an arrow indicates the descent route.  The trail steeply climbs down through the woods (pay attention to some exposed stretches) and, just before crossing the paved road, it rejoins the trail to the via ferret start.  The descent takes approximately one hour.


Extract of an article from the “Panorami” Magazine by courtesy of Roberta Cucchiaro and Lodovico Marchisio authors.


The Via Ferrata route is strictly forbidden to minors unaccompanied by adults who, implicitly, accept the responsibility of him/her.