Groscavallo Vallone di Sea Settore: La reggia dei Lapiti

La reggia dei Lapiti - profilo

Reggia dei Lapiti is the wall immediately visible in the Massiet plain direction, just after the areas of Torre di Gandalf and Droide buttress. The routes are particularly athletic, only partially equipped or to be wholly “protected”. They offer a variety of climbing with overhangs, cracks and slabs. To dedicate a whole day to climbing, the wall is ideal combined with Torre di Gandalf or the nearby Droide.


Suggested period
From June to September. To be avoided after rainy spells.
Starting point
Forno Alpi Graie
Elevation gain
From 25 to 200 m
From 5a to 6b+
Travel time
1 hr
Trail indication
EPT 308

Recommended for

  • Mountaineers
  • Climbing


From Forno Alpi Graie, overtake the Torrente Gura concrete bridge and follow the dirt road where, on the right, the service waterworks road steeply climbs up. Park the car in the road widening, without hampering the way.


Follow the road to the end, reaching the location “Porte di Sea”. Proceed on the trail marked by indication 308, which climbs in the striking Sea valley. Follow the trail to the beginning of the Massiet plain from where the “Polvere di Stelle” bouldering circuit starts. Leave the trail and climb to the right following the Torre di Gandalf indication board clearly visible.  Walk along a track, marked by cairns. Instead of walking toward Torre di Gandal, turn left after a characteristic boulder with cairn and until arriving below the Droide “Arto Destro”. Descend at the base of this structure, following the cairns in the scree. Overtake the characteristic cave, and reach the foot of Reggia dei Lapiti.

The routes:

  1. Tangerine dream
  2. Elementare Watson
  3. Dottor Arcobaleno
  4. Mister Eolo
  5. Arto sinistro del Droide
  6. Strega dell’ovest
  7. Il ritorno dei Gormiti


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