Chapel of the Holy Shroud


In this chapel there are frescos from the 16th century dedicated to the Holy Shroud, which bear witness to the passage of this Sacred Linen through the Ala Valley during its secret transport in

1535 from Chambery to Turin.

They are the most ancient frescos in Piedmont and show the first representation of an official ostension of the Holy Shroud.

They are not only religious paintings but also commemorate a historical event when the Holy Shroud stayed in this chapel in 1535, according to the wish of Carlo III, in order to avoid the risk

that it fell into the hands of the French, who were about to invade Savoy and also to avoid being destroyed by Calvinists, who were fiercely against all religious relics.

In 1910 the frescos were declared ‘A valuable monument to art and history’.


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Situated in the hamlet of Voragno, the chapel can be seen from the main road as it is directly next to it. Cars can be parked in one of the small car parks along the road.

A fresco showing the Holy Shroud is on the outer wall of the chapel and can be admired behind a protective panel.