Forno Alpi Graie Vallone del Rio delle Lose (Colombin) Area: “La California”

La California - profilo

The single or multi pitch-routes develop on a cliff at the center of the valley cut by Rio delle Lose. They offer a technical climbing, either slab or vertical.


Suggested period
From May to October.
Starting point
Forno Alpi Graie
From 4c to 6b+
Travel time
45 minutes
Trail indication
EPT 318

Recommended for

  • Mountaineers
  • Climbing


Follow to the end the county road up to Forno Alpi Graie square.


From Forno Alpi Graie follow the trail indication # 318 up to the foot of the wall.

The routes:

  • 1) Boombastic
  • 2) Super vipera
  • 3) Cascata di diamanti
  • 4) Settimo sigillo
  • 5) Super crack (friend 0,75 e 1 bd)
  • 6) Cavaliere inesistente
  • 7) Californian Dreamers
  • 8) Antartik party
  • 9) Last time of Lucy
  • 10) Sniffing Cream
  • 11) Smigol
  • 12) Good bye Dodi
  • 13) This is the end
  • 14) Spit rock panic


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