The Ruciàs stronghold


The stronghold or fortified house of Ruciàs has dominated the valley for more than four hundred years.

The enormous defensive complex, recognizable by its narrow entrance and extremely small openings, has a complicated structure with stone stairways, corridors, rooms for living and for

stables, underground passages and cellars carved out of the rock.

The side by the river is inaccessible with a sheer drop down to the torrent below.

There is an enormous barn on the upper floor, surmounted by a flagstone roof.

In the past it was possible to reach the oven, washhouse, fountain and chapel without having to go outside; a great advantage during winter snowfalls.


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The Ruciàs stronghold is on the main road of Balme, on the left. It is possible to see a

fresco on the outer wall after passing through a group of houses.