The Saint Julius Chapel (San Giulio)

Vergine in trono tra i Santi

A small building in Romanic style with a simple form composed of a square presbytery, to which a lobby was added. It is the only church in the Lanzo Valleys dedicated to this saint. In the middle of the 19th century a dedication could be seen on the front dated 1486. On the rear wall is painted the image of the Madonna on a throne with baby Jesus, to Her left Saint Lucy and the Blessed Amedeo IX of Savoy, to Her right Saint Julius in the act of presenting the three financers of the chapel – Amedeo, Antonio and Giovanni Goffi – identified by the inscription below.

On the left wall, from above: Saint Micheal Archangel, Saint Sebastian, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Christine and Saint Catherine. On the right wall: Saint Anthony abbot, and Saint George who is killing a dragon in front of a young woman and with a walled city behind them. On the barrelled ceiling God the Father and the Annunciation can be seen. On the arch of the presbytery, which was originally on the outside, the upper part of the figure of Saint Christopher can be seen.

The frescos, the most antique and esteemed of the Lanzo Valleys, are attributed to a non identified Master of Forno di Lemie, of the Giacomo Jaquerio school.


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Situated in the hamlet of Forno di Lemie, the chapel can be seen shortly after crossing the historical bridge of Lemie.

Cars can be left in the spaces along the provincial road