Il territorio - Comune di Usseglio

"L'occhio come mestiere", anthological photo exhibition

Museo Civico Alpino Arnaldo Tazzetti
The exhibition, curated by Enzo Isaia, collects about thirty photographs taken by him in different contexts and periods that retrace the story of an eclectic artist, committed to experiment with various techniques without ever losing that taste of surprise and enchantment that distinguishes the eye of the true photographer. The images, divided into sixteen sections, are exhibited with two prints and ten monitor files for each section, and are mostly extrapolated from broader research, showing meticulous attention to the smallest detail. Hours: from August 2 to September 13, every day from 10.00-12.00/15.00-18.00; from August 24 on Saturdays and Sundays.


Following the road after Lemie you will come to Usseglio (1265 m) last municipality of the Valle di Viù. It is a village situated in a wide green basin, crossed by the Stura stream and surrounded by majestic mountains. Usseglio, called in old times Uscelli, it is mentioned in Medieval documents as Uxeillo or Uxellis, names of Celtic origin meaning “high mountain”. Another theory identifies Usseglio as Ocelum, a site that Roman historians suggest as borderline place with Cisalpine Gaul. Various evidences bear witness of Roman settlements and of its strategic position proving that through Autaret and Arnas mountain passes it was possible to reach Gault. In the XIIth century this territory was part of the Turin Bishop’s properties who, in 1168, assigned it as emphyteusis (lease of real estate) to San Giacomo di Stura Abbey. In 1266 the feud was granted to the Viscounts of Baratonia. Usseglio history followed the one of Lanzo Castle and was subject to the jurisdiction succession of the Provana, Arcour and Gastaldo. At the beginning of the XXth century it became an important vacation site for the Turin aristocracy. The most important dignitary was Count Luigi Cibrario (1802 – 1870). Named senator of Italy’s Kingdom in 1848 he also covered other important public roles.

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