Barrier-free - joelette

Proposta senza barriere - joelette - profilo

A suggested vacation for a first “soft” approach with nature and all of our territory peculiarities, accessible to everybody. It is a step by step feelings and experiences discovery. With a joelette help it will be possible, at first, to realize what we suggested, then …. with willpower and fantasy, you will be able to go further in the exploration. For the most darer, the chance to try the thrill of an accompanied two-seater paraglider flight!!


Suggested period
From May to October
Starting point
6 nights – 7 days
Price reduction
for children up to 12 years of age

Recommended for

  • Hikers
  • Families
  • Nordic walking
  • Barrier-free - joelette
  • Everybody

Holiday hint

Two totally accessible structures, Les Montagnards in Balme and Fermata Alpi Graie in the homonimous Groscavallo hamlet, are at the center of this vacation. With the help of a joelette, a one wheel sedan chair, it will be possible to move on open field. After a first settling-in night, the next day you will reach Pian della Mussa and will be able to travel along the winter cross-country skiing runs (according to the specific case evaluation, it could be possible to climb to Pian Ciamarella). In the afternoon, return by pista Kind with view on the “gorgia” (gorge). The next morning, you will descend along the sentiero sport & nature ala-balme and reach Ala di Stura where, after lunch, you will visit the frescoes and sundials. You will then return to Balme with a short itinerary deviation to visit the “Cà du Roc” cheese factory.

The next day you will move to Val Grande, with the opportunity to visit Castei d’le Rive or the miniera Brunetta (a mine). You will also stop at the Baratonga headquarters, to meet the staff and eventually book the paraglider flight. The next day you will reach Rivotti by car and will spend the day along the easy sentiero balcone della Val Grande. You will enjoy breathtaking views, various proofs left, in very ancient times, by withdrawing glaciers and several pastures huts. After a good resting night, the great day arrives! Weather permitting, accompanied by certified flight instructors, you will fly with the adequate paraglider your initiation flight!

A last night in the valleys and a “hope to see you soon” for a next visit!

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