Pastures trekking – on shepherds’ footsteps

Trekking degli alpeggi - profilo

A vacation for people keen on trekking, to discover passes and valleys used, in the past, for summer pastures and now not very popular. It is a trip in the past with breathtaking panoramas. Physical training is the prerequisite to enjoy days in environments as good as other extra-European landscapes.


Suggested period
From July to September (at the beginning of the season there is the chance to find snow fields on Northern slopes)
Starting point
Ala di Stura
5 nights – 6 days
Price reduction
for children up to 12 years of age

Recommended for

  • Mountaineers
  • Skilled hikers

Holiday hint

This vacation is for keen trekkers and offers two choices: one more comfortable and the other in strict contact with nature, taking advantage of bivouacs along the itinerary. After a first night at Ala di Stura, you will tackle the climb to Colle d’Attia. You will then descend to Chialamberto crossing by Colle Crosiasse. From this point you will reach by car/bus/mini-bus Forno Alpi Graie. The next day you will climb Vallone di Sea and will deviate climbing to Ghicet di Sea so as to descend towards Val d’Ala and reach Rifugio Ciriè. The next day you will reach Rifugio Les Montagnards through BTT-2. Should you wish to have a more relaxing day, you may descend by the Pista Kind. The final day sees your going back to Ala di Stura by the sentiero balcone alto or, in an easier way, following the sport & nature Ala-Balme itinerary.

On the second day of walking, whoever wants to shorten the trekking and is willing to spend the night in a bivouac, while climbing to Ghicet di Sea, will deviate to Passo dell’Ometto. From the pass you will then descend to Bivacco Molino (in so doing, you will cut two days on your trekking). From the bivouac, the next day, always following sentiero balcone alto, you will arrive directly to Ala di Stura.

Before the end of the vacation it is possible to visit the Ala sundials and the “Cà du Roc” cheese factory.

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