Val d’Ala geoturism

Geoturismo Val d'Ala - profilo

A vacation for people keen on the highest valley territory observation. You will search for proofs left, in ancient times, by the glaciers retreat and, lately, by the temperature increase. Descending in the middle valley, it will be possible to visit various old mines, at the time very important for local people.


Suggested period
From (mid) July to mid September
Starting point
6 nights – 7 days
Price reduction
for children up to 12 years of age

Recommended for

  • Hikers
  • Skilled hikers
  • Families

Holiday hint

This vacation is dedicated to the discovery of several alpine little lakes, of different origin and in various environments. Just to start, you will climb to Lago Afframont, a moraine dammed little lake, where you will enjoy a very good view of Balme historic landslide. After a second night in Balme, you will climb to Pian della Mussa, from where a small deviation will allow you to observe Pian Rastel peat bog. You will then climb to Rifugio Gastaldi so as to spend the night in altitude. Arriving at Rocca Turo you will enjoy a breathtaking 360° wide view. You will now descend in the Crot del Ciaussinè, walking on moraines and studying the Bessanese debris covered glacier, so as to take the tour of the glacial small lakes (here you will notice that the glacier indicated on maps is still existing, but the front is completely covered by debris). The most athletic people may choose to return to Balme by the Lago della Rossa loop or cross to Lago del Crotas. All the other will descend by the previous day ascent itinerary. After the last night in Balme, you will descend to Ala di Stura. A first stop in Mondrone will allow you to visit the “gorgia” (gorge). After parking the car in Martassina hamlet, climb to the Laietto mines. The next day you will climb in the solitary and wild Vallone del Lusignetto so as to discover the miniere di Radis (Radis mines). After the last night in Ala, before leaving, it is possible to visit the Ecomuseo delle Guide Alpine, the Acque Minerali del Pian della Mussa plant or the “Cà du Roc” cheese factory.

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