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The Lanzo Valleys have largely invested in this particular tourist field and still do. Even if this is a mainly mountain territory, people with difficulties may live experiences unimaginable to most. There are a heterogeneous variety of restaurant and accommodation structures able to satisfy the more different needs. Even if this is a territory characterized by austere and sharp mountains with a great elevation gain from the valley floor, you will be able to visit the valleys far and wide.

The main strength of the Lanzo Valley’s tourism is the offer of outdoor various activities, while a cultural vacation offer is still lacking. With the help of a Joëlette, people with walking difficulties will be able to leave conventional transportation means and enter nature so as to reach small lakes, refuges, waterfalls, and pastures to enjoy beautiful panoramas. Everybody, either autonomously or accompanied by professional qualified guides, may be addressed to various difficulty itineraries.

For all people wanting to try extreme emotions and reach their own limits, it will be possible, with the help of the local Alpine Guides, to climb the equipped Balme and Cantoira boulders. You will find at Colle del Lys a zip line. It is the only one in Piedmont, and is also available to people with motor difficulties. At Chialamberto, with the Baratonga Flyers cooperating with Peter Pan Paraglider School, the bravest people may try the thrill of a flight over our valleys in a two-seater paraglider. As a matter of fact, each year at the beginning of July “Paravolando”, a free flight event open to the public, takes place in Chialamberto.

Finally, it will be possible to participate to trekking and/or mountaineering trips on our mountains, with mountain or nature guides, and live the end of eighteenth century pioneers experiences in discovering the Turin mountaineering origins.

No matter what your needs are, come and visit us: we will satisfy your requests and, drawing on them, we shall improve for the future.

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